Sino-QC specializes in Quality Assurance and Control Services covering consumer products such as:
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· Factory Audit (Technical Quality Assessment)
To confirm your factory has the production capacity and quality to meet your production needs
Sino-QC helps you to ensure high-quality suppliers are being selected.Our qualified auditors make assessment independently on the following aspects:       
· Manufacturer' s identification and background                     ·Production capability    
·In-house quality control system (testing&inspection)          · Manpower                             
· Manufacturing process and production lines                        ·Machinery, facilities and equipment
· Management system and capability                                      · Enviroment
We will provide a detailed report about our findings along with recommendations for improvements, apart from above,on-site hands-on assistance for correct implementation will also be possible.
· Social Audit (Code of Conduct Assessment )
To confirm your factory meets all social and ethical standards
Sino-QC helps you to protect your brand and corporation image on internationally sensitive matters.    Our qualified auditors independently make assessment mainly on the following aspects. 
· Child labor              · Forced labor           · Discrimination      
· Minium wage          · Overtime wage       · Dormitories
· Working hours        · Social benefits        · Safety and health
· Protection of the environment
 We will provide a detailed report about our findings and recommendations for improvements.On-site hands-on assistance will be given to the manufacturer in support of correct implementation.
· Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
To gurantee the conformity of product to your specifications and effectively protect you against fault deliveries
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspector to carry out the inspection on-site when the commodities are entirely completed, packed and ready for shipment. Samples will be selected randomly and be checked against your specifications in accordance with international statistical standard knowns as MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1). We mainly check the following aspects:
· Quantity available            · Style and color        · Workmanship (General Appearance)
· Function and safety         · Size specification    · Package details
· Shipping mark
We will issue an in-depth report including digital photos to explain all relevant information.
· Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
To make timely correction and improvement prior to commencement of full production
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspectors to carry out the inspection on-site at the beginning for the production process. We do a visual check on materials, components and some first finished products against your specification of the reference sample to predict any possible problems and then making recommendations. We mainly check the following aspects:
· Factory's production lines & capability                     · Factory's facilities & equipment
· Raw materials, main components and accessories      · Semi-finished products
· Some finished products                                               · Environment
We will issue a detailed report including digital photos to explain all relevant information and make recommendation.
· During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
To take corrective action for arising problems during production process at an early stage
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspector to perform the inspection on-site when 20% of production is completed.  We do a visual check on the quality of semi-finished and finished commodity against your specification and/or reference sample. We maily check the following aspects:
· The production status during the manufacturing process        · The production lines & capability    
· The semi-finished and finished products at random                · The package details and packing material                     
We will issue a detailed report including digital photos to explain all relevant information and make recommendations.
· Full Inspection (Sorting)
To make sure every finished product meets specified quality requirements
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspector to carry out the inspection on-site when products are totally completed, before packed or after packed according to your requests. We will check piece by piece for all conditions of product such as general appearance, workmanship, functions, safety and other points required by clients, sorting out all defectives.
We will issue a daily report including digital photos every day during full inspection.
· Production Monitoring (PM)
To ensure quickly adaption of product and final goods meet your specifications
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspector to be your QC who works closely with your factory everyday to minitor production quality and report production status.
We will issue a daily report including detailed digital photos every day.
· Loading Supervision (LS)
To be sure the goods meet your specifications and the containers in good condition and secured for shipment
Sino-QC will send the qualified inspector to factory, warehouse or loading place to check commodities information and quantity,  package when loading; supervising the whole loading process and helping manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses&working process.The following is the specific content:
· Record the weather/ arrival time of container/ container No. / truck No.
· Check the inner & outer condition to see whether there is any damage/ wet/ hole/ peculiar smell.
· Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/ pallets)
· Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with client's specification.
· Supervise the whole loading process.
· Record the seal No. and departure time of container.
We will issue a detailed report including digital photoes
· Initial Sample Checking
Quality Evaluation and functional consumer orientated tests on inspection of reference samples or on pre-production sampls are normally carried out prior to mass production and inspection.From the view of consumer point, Our technical team will check the overall quality of the product as well as visual for safety and the functional performance in accordance with your specification and requirements and the applicable (safety) standard of the importing country.Commodity's weaknesses will be reported along with recommendations for improvements. The commodities can be re-tested until the required quality standard is reached. The service includes inspection/test, reporting, and 1 x techinical briefing for the plant' s representative if necessary.
· Sample Collection Services
Inspections are not always the service which you need. If you need to ensure that samples for your evaluation, lab testing or customer approval submission have been randomly selected,  Sino-QC can help. With our Sample Collection Service, we visit the factory, select samples randomly on behalf of you and then we send them to you, your test lab or to any other destinations which you designate. Since no inspection is required, we can offer rapid service at a very affordable rate.
            · Visiting Representative
On behalf of you, we will make visiting in your supplier and/or your factory to collect information per you need. We check mainly on the following aspects:
· General information of supplier              · Manpower               · Production area and workshop
· Working time                                           · Brief Introduction    · Organization diagram
· Plant layout drawing                                · Main machine and equipment
· Production flow chart                              · Workshops and main working procedure
We will issue a detailed report including the digital photos.
        · Visiting Escort
When visiting in China especially in your vendors or factories,you might face the problems of language obstacles, time schedule, cultural clashes, quality issues or other difficulties. To address your concerns and ease your mind, we provide visiting escort service as well. 
Our engineer&specialist who is experienced in your products and skillful in English will accompany you throughout the entire visiting. They will serve as your interpreter and help answering quality question and providing assistance innegotiation.Our objective is to make you stay in China not only joyous but also successful.
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