Sino-QC specializes in Quality Assurance and Control Services covering consumer products such as:
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Textile, garment &apparel, accessories, home textile, footwear, bags, leather and fabric

Hardware, DIY, houseware, furniture, toys, handicrafts, sporting goods, automotive parts, valve, building products, cosmetic,  tool sets, juvenile products, promotional items, gifts and sundries

·Electrical & Electronic
lights, bulb, lamps and lanterns, LED flashlights
Wireless communication terminals, telephones & accessories, antennas and communication equipment
*Electric tools
Drills, hammers, screwdrivers and lawn mowers
Air condition, refrigeration, microwave, coffee maker, electric heater, washing machine, fan, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, oven, toaster, rice cooker, juicer, mixer, toaster, sandwich maker, iron, calculator and massager

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